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On July 19, 2018, Robert Patton II formed a private virtual airline (VA) called Cascade Airways using the call letters "CCD". Cascade Airways Virtual now consists of Chief Executive Officer - Robert Patton II - CCD001. The now defunct original Cascade Airways was headquartered in Sea-Tac, WA. My modernized Cascade Airways Virtual will now be headquartered at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, - KSEA. The purpose to form the airline was strictly to enjoy this hobby of flight simulation through the use of a private virtual airline. I enjoy interacting with other pilots and ATC to enjoy this hobby to the fullest.

At Cascade Airways Virtual I mainly use General Aviation (GA) aircraft for VFR flights and small to medium range commercial aircraft (piston, turboprop and turbojet aircraft) for hauling cargo and passengers. I am striving to have a fun and realistic virtual flight experience using either Microsoft FS 2004 or FSX simulating an modernized or upgraded Cascade Airways as it might be today.

Cascade Airways aircraft operations are mainly out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Sea-Tac, WA (KSEA). I may from time to time add or delete hubs as necessary.

The emphasis here is pure flying and having fun with other virtual pilots who love this hobby just as I do.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are located here (needs desperate updating - I'll get to it eventually!): SOP

I can fly any scheduled Cascade Airways flight using the aircraft of our fleet or the aircraft of our choosing. I will have both passenger and cargo flights available to fly.

Email me at robert(at)cascadecarburetors.com with any comments!

Remember none of the content on these pages should be used for real world flying! This airline is a private virtual airline! If you do use it for real aircraft operations, don't blame us as you have been warned!

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